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PREFIX Track Premiere: “The Kindest Hour” by Big Sir

"The Kindest Hour" will appear right at the halfway mark on Big Sir’s upcoming 11-track album, Before Gardens After Gardens, which makes me think it could be an important transitional song. Singer/composer Lisa Papineau (Air, M83) and bassist/composer Juan Alderete (The Mars Volta, Racer X) create this pretty, eerie (also pretty eerie) tune with help from Heather Lockie and her moody viola playing, which is contrasted by Alderete’s smooth, clean bass. Also featuring Cedric Bixler Zavala (The Mars Volta) on drums and Matthew Embree (RX Bandits) on guest vocals.

Although subdued, Papineau’s melodic singing is of major note here, as it adds dimension to her partner’s muscle and, overall, fills out the otherwise sparse music. The voice and the instrument meet up here and there, eventually creating a watershed of sound that boils over as if you turned the stove off a second too late. The result is something like a cathartic overflow of warmth—thanks, in part, to the blanketing organ—ultimately faced with an icy wash of male-female vocals. “Hour,” which you can stream below, is a compelling audio embodiment of feelings that could be as strongly expressed visually as they are here. Big Sir’s Before Gardens After Gardens will be available Feb. 7 on Rodriguez Lopez Productions/Sargent House.

Big Sir Live From Bass Player Magazine Show

Check out all Seven live videos of Big Sir from the Bass Player Magazine Show featuring guests Chris Tsagakis (drums) & Matt Embree (keys & backing vox) from RX Bandits joining Lisa Papineau & Juan Alderete in Big Sir for the evening. 

SHOW: Big Sir on 9.26.10

Big Sir will be playing it’s first show in Los Angeles in what feels like forever. We will be joining RX Bandits on one of their three full album shows, on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 at the Troubadour in Hollywood. Big Sir will be playing some of our new songs along with some of the old.. We hope to see you all there but definitely buy tickets in advance this show will be sold out well before the day of show.

Little Big, but No Sir - June 17th Vato Negro and Friends

Juan Alderete’s Vato Negro will be playing this sweet show, a lot of great musicians come out for the night if your in LA.